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I feel like there is just so much to know about lactation. I feel like every time anyone ask a question it makes me want to learn more about that subject. Right now I am really interested in premature babies and how to best supply them with breastmilk. I would like to know more about premature or near term babies and lactation.  Trainee 2020

Personally, I want to learn more about weaning. Toddler chest/breastfeeding is fascinating to me, and I’d love to develop a more robust understanding of child development and lactation to help both myself and clients. I’m also really curious to learn more about near term infants and ways to set parents up to meet their lactation goals with a near term infant, especially if they know to expect a pre/near term baby or babies and have a little time to prepare. Hand expression is also something I’m nerding out over lately, and I wanna know ALL the people who are working on LGBTQ+ lactation support right now (I attended the ABM annual meeting and there were some cool folks doing work around this, I want to learn more!) and connect with them around trans lactation support and research.

Trainee 2020

Having Lea as a support person to help answer our questions, ease our anxiety and make us feel confident in our decisions was essential to our success.  Her post-partum visits were really helpful, and she makes you feel like, “Hey, I can do this!”  Not only is Lea a kind, confident and knowledgeable, she’s a pleasure to be around.  After the process of delivering a new life into this world with her, we consider her not only a great addition to our breastfeeding experience, but a friend, and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking out a lacation consultant.

I am so grateful that we found Lea and met with her prenatally and after.  Her follow up, care and concern for my breastfeeding journey made all the difference in meeting my goals.

Lactation Client

Lea Rivera

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