2011- present   Chief Executive Officer, Empire Lactation, Inc. (formerly Mami Mia, Inc)

In 2019 Empire Lactation has provided direct 1:1 support to over 300 families in just the first six months of the 2020.  Provided formal and structured mentorship opportunities several inters who have used her knowledge to further their careers. She supported the continuing education and work of a team of 5 lactation counselors and has a growing practice.  Implemented a full EHR system and provided internal QA through record review and monitoring.


Works closely with diverse family structures to provide skill building, education and information to empower families in their personal decision making regarding birth, infant feeding and care. Assisted families through normal and atypical birth occurrences such as stillbirth, NICU admission and neonatal abstinence syndrome. Developed a Breastfeeding Counselor certification curriculum and currently teach and implement the curriculum two-six times per year with over 70 trained counselors currently. 


2014              Consultant, St. Lukes Cornwall

Was awarded and fulfilled a contract as full-time lactation consultant during a time of nursing administration change.  Provided in service trainings to nurses who have gone on to become IBCLCs and provide ongoing lactation support in hospital both in labor & delivery, post partum/recovery and NICU.  Attended Pediatric quality assurance meetings on behalf of the nursing department. Used in house EHR to document all interactions.  Worked with technology office and policy department to improve workflow and written policies.


2012-2014     Per Diem Lactation Consultant, Mount Sinai-East

Taught daily breastfeeding classes to new mothers.  Taught weekly prenatal newborn care and childbirth education classes.   Rounded daily on 20 bed floors and collaborated with a team of at least two RNs and one other per diem to assure coverage of three postpartum floors, the labor and delivery as well as NICU.  Provided support as needed to other departments, such as Medical/Surgical when mothers were re-admitted, or had a fetal demise or termination requiring lactation support.  Used in house EHR to document all interactions and participated in all trainings as required.  Provided in service trainings to OB/GYN residents as well as in Pediatrics.

2008 –2012    Asst. Director of Hospitals, Elmhurst Hospital Mount Sinai -East

Established the first Lactation Clinic in the County of Queens and obtained foundation funding for its support. Secured private corporate sponsorship for a research program for low income breastfeeding women returning to work. Day to day responsibilities included the coordination of care and education of patients with staff counselors and providers in a multi-departmental hospital based clinic. Triaged inpatients for support and intervention. Set up procedures for referrals. Provided ongoing support to staff, and medical providers in the form of in-service and professional development. Liaisoned with community organizations to provide workshops and programs to a culturally diverse urban and immigrant population. Accessed third party insurers to permit billing.


Coordinated research activities for Principal Investigators at two network hospitals. Responsible for all aspects of data collection and supervision of interns and data collectors. Met with budget department to ensure appropriate grant administration including, but not limited to timely filing of quarterly reports. Identified additional funding sources and areas for dissemination of results. Was responsible for collection and input of data. Managed the disbursement of incentives for participants according to corporate compliance policy.


Worked with volunteer department and principal investigator to identify and train support help. Conducted structured interviews, utilized behavior assessment tools and conduct follow up telephone interviews in both English and Spanish. Identified funding opportunities and collaborate with Principal Investigator on extension and application of findings.






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