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Changes to Empire Lactation

The last 6 months have been... a lot. In December of 2019, Aetna Inc., stopped reimbursing the two minority providers in the New York metro area. This left Empire Lactation, formerly Mami Mia, in a position of not being able to pay the independent contractors. After multiple months of "review" Aetna deemed lactation services to not be "medically necessary." This left all of us in a situation that was and continues to be, to say the least, stressful. Thus Empire Lactation no longer accept any insurance and created the tiered plans.

Then...Covid. Covid hit the metro area just as I was beginning to get the business going again and begin to dig out from the amassing debt. Unfortunately, the Pandemic stop gaps did not apply to our practice as the issues predated.

Then the world learned what we have talking about for years. Black Lives Matter. Because the majority of the independent contractors and team members who were effected by the racist decisions of Aetna and the economic impact of Covid are Black and Latina, I have linked each of their independent websites. If you would like an appointment with Alicia, Grace, Julia, Laura or Simone please click on their bio to go directly to their site and contact them directly. Or, if you prefer I can send your contact information along to them.

The second half of 2020, what will you bring. I for one am grateful for the societal awakening of the consequences of racism, privilege and being pushed to think outside the box.

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