I feel like there is just so much to know about lactation. I feel like every time anyone ask a question it makes me want to learn more about that subject. Right now I am really interested in premature babies and how to best supply them with breastmilk. I would like to know more about premature or near term babies and lactation.  Trainee 2020

Lea developed a unique curriculum for educating people interested in providing lactation support.  The program is 45 hours of entry level instruction provided either virtually or in person.  Unlike other courses this program reflects her belief that adults learn differently and that multiple modalities of education are important.  To that end it is the only program currently offering Continuing Education credits from the IBLCE that does not require a test to pass. 


So, how is learning assessed? By evaluating case studies, reading research and discussion.  At the conclusion of the training students continues to have access to Lea via a Slack group to answer questions in real time as each person gains confidence in their learning and skills.  Over the last 6 years over 125 people have taken this training.  Some have gone on to doula work, extend their learning and become IBCLCs and midwifery school.

The topics that are covered include:

  • Adult Anatomy & Physiology of Lactation

  • Infant Oral Anatomy

  • Normal Milk Production Process

  • Challenges with Milk Production

  • Effects of Premature Delivery, 

  • Nutrition

  • Pharmacology

  • Effects of Trauma - Historical, Community and Individual

  • Health Disparities

  • Consequences of Systemic Racism

  • Analysis and Evaluation Research


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