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EMPIRE LACTATION, formerly Mami Mia, has been providing lactation and doula support since 2011.

      As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and Doula, Lea brings over 30 years of child development and education experience to lactation support.  She has provided 1000s of families with direct support and supported over 225 births.  Her commitment to quality care and information is the hallmark of her work.  As a person dedicated to anti-racism and supporting all lactating and birthing persons.
     Empire Lactation is no longer in network to any insurance, but will be happy to help fight for your reimbursement. A new tiered plan to allow more people access to high quality, consistent care has been instituted.  If you have questions about billing or fees or are ready to book please click the link here or below. 

     As of January 2020, Empire Lactation has reformed as an affiliate network.  The independent contractors who made up the team and who are each individually experienced and  highly trained Breastfeeding Counselors are now 100% independent of Empire Lactation.  If you would like to work with any of the affiliates please click on their name in their profile below and you will be re-directed to their sites.  The reason for this change is discussed in the blog post Changes to Empire Lactation.  

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There are 3 broad categories of visit types..

An in home visit will include a full assessment and evaluation of your feeding session, which includes: 

Please note that due to Covid 19 ALL first appointments are virtual.

A Full virtual consult includes:

  • Visual assessment of tethered oral tissues

  • Adjustment of positioning and latch technique

  • Discussion of frequency and duration of feedings

  • Discussion of any identified need or desire to supplement

  •  Individualized care plans

  • Referrals as necessary

  • Appointments may also include information and education on pumping, returning to work and bottle feeding.

In -Person consults include a pre/post feeding weigh and hands on assessment of structure, function and oral anatomy.

"Just In Time" Consults are brief consults that are appropriate for revisiting consults care plans, pumping for back to work, or other brief questions.  Click Book Now for more details

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The Affiliate Team

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Lea has over 30 years experience in education and psychology with a Masters in Educational Psychology.  She has worked in maternal child health for 11 years.  As an IBCLC she has had the benefit of working in both hospitals and in private practice through the last decade.  She began Mami Mia back in 2007 and is overjoyed to bring Empire Lactation to life.  She brings skill and training in oral structures, premature/near term deliveries, NICU stays, cleft palates, endocrine disorders, breast surgery and supply issues. Lea enjoys teaching and training others about lactation support  and spending time with her two kids, swimming and hiking with her dogs.

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If you prefer to text please note that I use Signal as an encrypted and HIPPA compliant messaging app.  You may use your default SMS, but be aware that your information is not secure.  


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